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Extrusion Line & System

Plastic Sheet & Board Production Line

PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PET Sheet & Board Production Line

The system is designed for PE / PP / PS/ ABS / PC / PMMA / PET / PVC thick & thin sheet production, with different wide T-die and calender, cutting board, longitudinal saw and horizontal saw to achieve the purpose of producing different sizes of products. TSE uses a vacuum exhaust extruder, a fully automatic PLC control system to ensure the whole machine synchronization control, stable operation. We can provide up to 5 layers of various applications in waterproofing membrane, blister box, refrigerator liner drawer, shade, suitcase, car interior trim, floor, billboard, building template, furniture edge banding, furniture board. Difference model of system with a capacity range 150-1200kg/g, width range 200-3000mm, thickness range 0.2-30mm for option.

Parts of Plastic Sheet and Board Production Line

Extruder: according to different materials, select (non-degassing, venting type) extruder, screw adopting special mixing function and precise temperature control system ensures the high plasticizing, high capacity and stable plastic extrusion. Temperature control is within ± 1 ℃, which can control plasticization process and sheet thickness & flatness in accuracy.

Screen changer and die: fast screen changing device ensures no leakage, fast and effective screen changing; mould choosing different structure form according to different material, coat hanger die adopt page double throttle design, easy to adjust the flow distribution, the adjustment of sheet thickness is more accurate.

Three roller calender: according to the sheet thickness, 45 ° tilt type three roller or vertical three roller or horizontal three roll calendar can be adopted, special design of  independent control for three roller temperature, free adjustment for roller gap, angle adjustment for middle roller, ensure the calendering effect and thickness uniformity.

Advantages of Plastic Sheet and Board Production Line

This machine have advantages of tight ,machine structure good specify and the screw and barrel all made in nitride alloy steel, could make the material plasticizer equal and have high output and long usage.

Sheet thickness control uses screw adjustment and pressing wheel two-way adjustment, which can accurately control sheet thickness. Independent control of roller temperature control system can precisely control the temperature of the roller to ensure sheet thickness uniformity. Cooling roller bracket: equipped with corresponding cooling roller, the cooling effect is better, and equipped with edge cutting device, ensures the sheet setting width and edge quality. Horizontal cutting machine: for length cutting, cutting precision is less than 2mm, use alloy blade or hard alloy saw blade, cutting moves synchronous with sheet, so as to ensure the quality of sheet cutting section and the long-term stable cutting action. Winding machine: high torque motor, friction rewinding, can adjust speed and winding tension, we can also provide other forms of winding according to the customer’s need.

Plastic Sheet and Board Production Line Technical Parameters

Extruder TSE65—TSE150
Sheet layer Single layer or multi-layer sheet
Board width 400-2000mm
Board thickness 0.2-2.5mm
Max. extrusion capacity 30-500kg/h
Production line speed 15m/min

Sheet Product Featur​es and Applications

The sheet is single layer or multi-layer according to customer’s requirement. The sheet is of even thickness, the surface is smooth and flat, the sheet can be made of different designs.

The sheets are mainly used to thermoforming machine or injection molding machine to produce packages box and containers for for food, milk, medicines, meat, cosmetics, etc.


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