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Extrusion Line & System

Plastic PE/PP Film Recycling Washing Line

This PP PE waste plastic crushing, recycling and washing recycling machine line can easily wash and recycle waste PP PE films/bags. Waste and dirty PP PE films/bags can be processed step by step, by this recycling machine. It is special for washing PP PE films/bags. We can help to attach equipment at the end of the washing recycling line so that the completely dry flakes can be collected and packed directly after been washed.

The rigid plastic scraps recycling system is to process rigid and water-floating plastic scraps recycling, crushing and washing, such as HDPE, PP, PO, which in the form of milk bottles, cosmetic bottles, shampoo bottles, blue buckets, waste profile, plastic chairs, plastic buckets, etc. from the daily life using.

Features of film washing recycling line

The moisture of final products will be less than 8% so that the washed materials can be stored easily.

The electric components are from the famous brands in China (or customer designated).

The complete line is with high level of automation, CE certification, steady performance and high working efficiency.

The reasonable design, harmonious colors.

TSE’s film recycling line mainly for LDPE film, PP woven bags, PP non-woven, PE bags etc. crushing and washing.

The film recycling line includes equipment of crusher, floating washer, hot washer, high speed friction washer, dryer, packing system, etc. Modular design principle applied into the washing system. TSE can freely combine each standard module into the system to enhance the washing performance.

Raw Materials

Film recycling line subdivides as followings to deal with different raw materials:

- LDPE waste film recycling and washing line

- PE agriculture using films crushing and washing line

- Waste PE film recycling line

- Ethylene ground film washing, drying and regranulation line

- Waste film recycling and washing line

Working Flow

Belt conveyor → Crusher (with water) → High speed friction washing machine → Floating washing machine(Can be hot washer) → High speed friction washing machine → Floating washing machine → dewatering machine → drying pipeline system → Silo→control cabinet

Technical data

Capacity for film
Installed power
Water consumption
Moisture of product
Less than 7%
Less than 7%
Less than 7%
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