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PET/PC Sheet Extrusion Machine

Twin screw extruder has unique merits to the process of polyester resins. Polyester is very vulnerable to thermal decomposition and hydrolyzation. Tse has launched newly high-tech, lower-shearing and low-temperature twin screw extruder for PET process, which streamlined the process, and portrayed advantages in energy-saving and end product quality. As a result, the whole production cost has been contained.

pet/pc sheet


Twin screw extruder direct extrusion technology eliminated the necessity of pre-drying of polyester, thus the electricity can be saved up to 40%.

Product quali​ty

Thanks to the high-torque, low-shearing and low-temperature twin screw extruder, the lower process temperature can inhibit the negative effect caused by thermal decomposition demonstrably. Plus innovative high-efficiency vacuum system, the twin screw extrusion system can minimize hydrolyzation and oxidation as less as possible, which is harmful for polyester resins like PET/PC. Furthermore, the vacuum can remove some low molecular particles generated by the extrusion process; therefore the quality of final products has been raised.

Streamlined process flow

The pre-dry system has been removed from the process, the whole process flow has been streamlined which can bring down the investment, operation and production cost. In addition, the footprint, logistic and labor cost has been saved as well.

Wider tolerance of raw materi​als

The nature of self-wiping makes twin screw extruder more tolerate with the shape and bulk density of the raw materials. No matter pellets, powder, flakes, film even yarn can be taken easily. Not only has the pre-dry process been eliminated, but the pelletizing process has been spared too.

Cost containment

Each merit above mentioned can save cost directly and indirectly.


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