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Shredder Machine for Plastic Recycling Line

Plastic shredder machine a equipment for size reduction in the field of plastic recycling industry. It can handle all kind of plastic such as plastic bottles, drums, containers, film, woven bags, pipes, lumps, injection parts and plastic.

TSE provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for plastics size reduction. Systems are optimized for cutting speed, size reduction method, and materials feeding according to the material type and application. Accurately machined components, manufactured in house using our modern CNC machining equipment ensures the quality of equipment and high performance.

Benefits of Shredder Machine

Systems sized to meet specific process needs

Cut through unexpected  and tough debris dual shafted, slow-speed, high-torque grinders

Gain control of the process with automated monitoring & controls package

Reduce waste volume to minimize space and hauling costs

Optimize particle size with wide selection of cutters to fit specific applications

Shredder Mahcine Typical Applications

Bottle and can recycling

Cardboard packaging recycling

Cement kiln waste recycling

E-waste recycling

Glass recycling

Organics recycling

Old paint recycling

Plastics recycling

Textile recycling

Technical Data of Shredder Machine

Model TSE-600 TSE-800 TSE-1000 TSE-1200 TSE-1500
Rotor diameter 320mm 400mm 400mm 400mm 600mm
Rotor width 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1400mm
Feeding size 600*1000mm 800*1200mm 1300*1000mm 1300*1200mm 1300*1500mm
Drive motor 22KW 37KW 55KW 75KW 132KW
No. of rotor knives 22pcs 30pcs 38pcs 46pcs 58pcs
No. of stator knives 1-2pcs 2-4pcs 2-4pcs 2-4pcs 2-4pcs
Hydraulic drive 1.5KW 2.2KW 3.75KW 5.5KW 5.5KW
Output capacity 200-300kg/h 400-600kg/h 500-800kg/h 600-900kg/h 1000-1500kg/h


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