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Crusher Machine for Plastic Recycling

This plastic crusher is mainly used for crushing various waste plastic material, such as agriculture films, LDPE bags, cement bags, PP woven bags, big ton bags, PP PE milk bottles, oil cans, mineral water bottles and so on. With screw conveyor under the bottom of plastic crusher, it is very easy to collect the crushed material. This plastic crusher can also working with water for dirty waste plastic material, and it can wash the dirty material during crushing process.

The up cover opening of this plastic crusher is controlled by the gear motor, and it is easy to open it to replace the crushing blade and do the maintenance. The body of this plastic crusher adopt strong steel and make it stable during crushing. The blade material usually is 38CrSi and SKD-11 material is also available. The motor adopt Siemens beside brand, which ensure the long serving life.


The Features of Plastic Crusher


The whole machine adopts high hardness steel template with solid and durable.

Shaft made of special material processing like SKD-11 ,9 SiCr , its hard to deformed.

Cutter can be adjusted independently ,also can be sharpened with repeated use.

Feeding hopper, cutter ,and filter can e separate with easy disassembling and cleaning.

Motor is installed with overload protection and safe switches for assuring safety.

Discharging hole technology of cone production network , greatly enhancing efficiency.

Crusher Machine Technical Data

Model TSE 420/80 TSE 630/1000 TSE 700/1200 TSE 700/1400
Rotor diameter 420 mm 630 mm 700 mm 700 mm
Rotor width 800 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm 1400 mm
Feeding size 420*800 mm 630*7000 mm 700*1200 mm 700*1400 mm
Drive motor 45 KW 75 KW 90 KW 110 KW
No. of rotor knives 6 pcs 10 pcs 14 pcs 14 pcs
No. of stator knives 4 pcs 4 pcs 4 pcs 4 pcs
Hydraulic drive 3.7 KW 5.5 KW 5.5 KW 5.5 KW
Screen size 10-14 mm 10-14 mm 10-14 mm 10-14 mm
Output capacity 400-600 kg/h 800-1000 kg/h 1000-1200 kg/h 1200-1500 kg/h



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