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What is twin screw extruder?

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New to plastic machine industry ,people may wonder what is twin screw extruder? Because twin screw extruder is a very important machine to make plastic material. And the machine is widely used in plastic industry, such as Masterbatch, PET recycled,PVC cable compounding.

Twin Screw Extruder Applications

Twin screw extrusion is employed extensively for compounding, combining, or reacting chemical compound materials. the pliability of dual screw extrusion instrumentality permits this operation to be designed specifically for the formulation being processed. for instance, the 2 screws is also corotating or counterrotating, intermeshing or nonintermeshing. additionally, the configurations of the screws themselves is also varied mistreatment forward transference parts, reverse transference parts, kneading blocks, and alternative styles so as to realize specific compounding characteristics.

Another distinctive feature of dual screw extruders is that the extent of intermeshing of the screws. The screws are often absolutely intermeshing, partially. Most twin screw extruders area unit intermeshing. The advantage of non-intermeshing twin screw extruders is that they'll be created with terribly long length without fear of metal-to-metal contact between the screws. The L/D magnitude relation are often as high as 100:1 and better. The disadvantage of non-intermeshing twin screws is that they need poor dispersive compounding capability.

Sort of Extruder

The extruder’s job is to remodel the solid plastic mass or feed stock into a melted  type. to try and do this area unit 2 core extruder technologies, single and twin screw. the only screw extruder is that the most generally used technology for extrusion. it's the flexibility to method a good sort of compound sorts and may be applied to any or all common extrusion processes. the dual screw extruder technology is attenuated more to incorporate counter-rotating and co-rotating. The counter-rotating twin screw extruder uses 2 screws that intermesh and rotate opposite to at least one another.

The co-rotating twin uses 2 screws that intermesh and rotate within the same direction. whether or not one screw or twin they're accustomed accomplish one purpose – to remodel a solid mass into a soften. This transformation method is that the starting of the extrusion method associate degreed has an large impact on the general method.

The extruder is commonly known as the guts of the extrusion method. Taking this a step more, the extruder screw is often known as the guts of the extruder. Why is that the extruder screw the guts of the extruder or the extrusion method itself? as a result of if the extruder screw doesn't perform at associate degree optimum level the remainder of extrusion method can suffer. this is often why the screw has been the foremost studied part of the extrusion method outside of compound chemistry. within the future we'll discuss the extruder and also the screw and the way they influence the extrusion method.


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